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Is a device that is used to reduce friction between moving parts of machine elements to provide movement in a desired way with minimum power losses. Development of bearings is one of the most revolutionary steps in the development of human made machines.

When crankshaft bearings fail, the increase in heat, pressure and metal-to-metal contact can cause distortion of the crankshaft and connecting rods, which in turn will cause the engine to seize. It’ll be necessary to completely disassemble and reassemble your engine (if you decide to keep the car, that is).

We supply upgraded bearings so your build can handle the bigger power increase you are putting your engine through. If a bearing is not strong enough to handle a high horsepower application, it may fret or fatigue and fail. The last thing you want to see are little flakes of metal in the oil pan and filter. A spun bearing is even worse, especially if it happens at high RPM because it will usually break a rod and destroy the engine.

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