Cam Pulley

Cam Pulley

A cam pulley is part of the timing system in an engine used to control the rate of rotation of the camshaft, the component that controls the poppet valves responsible for air intake and exhaust in the cylinders. … The camshaft controls when the cylinders open and close.

The most common symptoms of a bad crankshaft pulley are engine vibration and irregular engine idle. It may also result in a damaged alternator, power steering pump, or a failed transmission if you are unlucky.

We supply upgraded crank pulleys for your engine build! Lighter, Stronger and lower rotational mass! The other benefit of aftermarket pulleys is to reduce rotating mass. Here the simple aluminum crank pulley has a big advantage over the heavy stock pulley, but there’s a reason it’s so much lighter: It’s missing the harmonic dampener. The reduction in rotating mass may be worth a couple of horsepower.

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